WeChat Channels – An Emerging Short Video Platforms

When users open WeChat Moment, they will find a new feature “Channels” under Moments, and when they open Channels, they will see videos liked by their WeChat contacts.

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What is WeChat Channel?

WeChat Channels, developed by Tencent,  is a short video platform within WeChat for users to produce content. Similar to WeChat Official Account and personal WeChat, it is independent. It allows users to post videos within one minute, up to nine pictures, or text content of up to 1,000 words. It can be accompanied by links to official pages, and with the functions of Favorite, Forward, Like, and Comment. It is the carrier for Tencent’s “short content” creation.

What’s the difference between Channels and Tiktok?

1. WeChat Channels mainly revolves around the divergent expansion of the user’s WeChat contacts. Users can see the videos published or liked by their WeChat contacts, and they can Favorite, Forward, Like, and Comment the video. WeChat Channels also allow users to follow an account and push content published by that account. WeChat improves engagement with users through user self-following and social recommendation.

2. Unlike Tiktok, WeChat Channels has no filter, no background music, no props. Similar to Official Account, it is the original ecological content created by the creator. The creator needs to master certain shooting skills, have basic video editing capabilities, and have higher requirements for the video production.

3. Tiktok already helped content creators monetize their traffic. But as the largest social software in China, WeChat has a huge number of users. Even if users on Tiktok want to build relationships, they go and add friends on WeChat. The “traffic bonus” will be achieved soon.

How to register as a WeChat Channels creator?

Click on [Discover] – [Channels] – click on the profile pic on top right – post new activity and you can register as a Channels creator!

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