Benefits of AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages)

When you’re trying to build a successful website that will appeal to your target audience, the function of the website is just as important as its appearance. Visitors will not spend a significant amount of time on your site if it doesn’t perform well. In this digital age, the average mobile user will not wait longer than six seconds for a page to load. People want to quickly access the information they need from a website and if it’s too slow, they’ll abandon the site and move on. According to Google, half of overall online traffic comes from mobile, therefore, it is highly recommended to focus on increasing mobile site speed. The time it takes for your site pages to load will determine how satisfied customers are with their experience when visiting your website.

Studies show websites taking six seconds to load will have a higher bounce rate. However, decreasing load times to three seconds or less will give a lower bounce rate and better user experience. One of the most effective ways for improving page speed is Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP). When implemented correctly, AMP can provide your website with many benefits which help increase traffic to your website and improve conversion rates.

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What You Need to Know About Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMPs)

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) are stripped-down HTML versions of your website aimed at helping mobile pages load faster to improve user experience.  AMP pages are recognizable by the lightning bolt sign in a mobile SERP. Many website owners believe implementing responsive functionality is enough to keep site visitors happy and satisfied. However, responsiveness alone will not result in load times of less than three seconds. AMP works by reducing a mobile page to its basics, helping to improve both readability and speed of mobile pages on your website.

Advantages of Google Accelerated Mobile Pages

Increase in Traffic and SEO Ranking

Load time is a significant factor in your SERP ranking, determining where your website will rank in Google search results. Most internet users avoid clicking on anything past the first three search results, making it important you rank highly with relevant keywords. Poor loading will cause search engines like Google to rank your site lower even if the remainder of your website is well-optimized. It is also important to understand your average mobile user will not wait more than six seconds for a page on your website to load. Instead, they will click out of your site and take their business to a competitor’s website that performs better. Faster pages on your website equates to a higher ranking, meaning more visitors viewing your content, thereby, increasing chances of obtaining higher revenues.

Lower Bounce Rate and Higher Average Time On Site

The increase in speed will allow readers to stay on your website longer, helping to reduce your bounce rate. While it might not be the most important ranking factor for your search engine optimization efforts, a lower bounce rate tells search engines your pages offer everything they say they offer, and that your main audience finds them helpful. A website is not successful if it’s unable to keep visitors engaged. While it’s very important the content on your website appeals to site visitors, the quality of your content will not matter if your website has slow load times. By improving load times, visitors will access your site long enough to subscribe to a newsletter or purchase a product.

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Feature on the Google Search Top Stories Carousel and Achieve Higher Click-Through Rate (CTR)

If you’re a publisher/news website and having difficulties with your SEO efforts, a simple way to strengthen your SEO is by integrating AMP. It will allow your website pages to show up on the Google News carousel, which is a section of Google that’s given priority over above-the-fold placement on any mobile search. Website pages featured on the Google News carousel will gain more attention.

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